Costa Rica Sustainability

Requirement: Six-page single-spaced term paper (inclusive of tables and figures):
Critically evaluate the commonalities of firms that succeed in a sustainable business context.

Reference the following Costa Rican companies:
2)  DOKA
3)  Gensler Costa Rica
4)  Green Tech
5)  Hortifruti / Walmart
7)  Florex

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Costa Rica Sustainability
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1. Understand: Explain the concept of sustainability as it relates to a variety of industries
2. Apply: Relate the information learned about sustainability and business to the global economy generally, and to Costa Rica and Latin America in particular
3. Analyze: Draw connections between sustainability and entrepreneurship
4. Evaluate: Critique the ways in which sustainability is being enacted in the global economy generally, and to Costa Rica and Latin America in particular
5. Create: Formulate a roadmap for how businesses might successfully implement sustainable business practices

Specific Topics:
1. Sustainability in Latin America
2. Costa Rica as a Context for Sustainable Business
3. Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Definition of Sustainability: meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. (Bruntland Commission of the United Nations in 1987)

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