Create an Assisted Living Business Plan

For this assignment, you will be required to create a business plan based on an existing business,

Using the brief information and a 500,000 budget you are given you will create a business plan for an Independent Living facility in Atlanta, GA matching competitors found below. 

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Create an Assisted Living Business Plan
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The goal of the business plan will be to make improvements with respect to the strategic planning, change/risk management, and affordable financial planning of the business.

First, you must use Belmont Village Hunters Creek- HOU, Mackenzie Place- CO, and Renaissance on Peachtree-ATL. This will be a business plan for a potential business, so you tell how many employees you will have, where will the facility be located, how will you get money to open it, and how many members you will be serving. Begin research so you can create this business plan that is geared towards opening up a competitive organization. This is a start up so look up average start up cost. In this plan you are projecting and using research from other organizations to build a company that will incorporate all of these companies heading into the future. You will discuss how much each member will pay. How big in square footage will the facility (# of rooms, property size, room sizes). And since this is a small start up be realist with budget, types of employees, and services you will offer. Tell whether you will use grants and what kinds or loans and mortgages cost.

Brief information:
T. L. Warren Assisted Living Estates provides a safe and luxury place for semi-independent seniors looking to maintain independence while having access to around the clock care.  At the T. L. Warren Assisted Living Estates offer a full range of services including Housing, Home and Community Services,

Residential Health Care, Professional Services, Food, and Transportation to Seniors who are entering the next stage in life, but cannot live alone.  T. L. Warren Assisted Living Estates will offer faster, consistent, more reliable, lower cost services with high quality living.


T. L. Warren Assisted Living Estates offers top-quality property management and trained professional service coordination. You can benefit from our expertise at providing residents with a luxury environment where they can get better care at lower costs. We are unique because we offering affordable alternatives to institutional skilled nursing and assisted living care. With our help, more seniors remain active and independent in their own homes, and at a fraction of the cost of institutional approaches.


The business plan that you create should have a dedicated section for each of the following issues:


Mission and Vision of the Business

The mission statement explains the company’s current objectives and its overall purpose. The vision statement discusses where the company sees itself heading in the future.

Executive Summary

While this should be the first section of your plan, it is usually written last. This section provides an overview of the business as it is now and what its goals are for the future.


Business Description

This section describes the business and identifies its location(s) and types of services that it sells.


Market, Products, and Services

This section discusses the analysis, demographics of clients, and selection of the target market(s), as well as the products, promotions, and services to be sold.


Organization and Management

In this section, you should address the legal structure of the business, the organizational chart, responsibilities of key persons in the management of the company, and any licenses or permits

that are required for operation.


Marketing & Sales Strategy

In this section, you should give details of the strategy to market and sell the products and services, using the 4P’s of the marketing mix.


Financial Management

This section should use research-based estimates to create a projected balance sheet, a projected income statement, and a projected cash flow statement. Any ideas for securing additional capital should also be included in this section.


Your business plan should be 3,000-4,500 words long with graphs, diagrams, and a budget of basic operations.

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