crime statistics

The Uniform Crime Report (UCR) and the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) are two important sources for understanding how crime is measured and viewed in the United States. The UCR presents the number of arrests and crime rate, while the NCVS gathers data from victims on the type of crime experienced and whether it was reported to police.
Oftentimes, the reality of crime—as displayed in these data sources—does not align with public perception. For this Discussion, you access and analyze key crime statistics for your community or the area in which you work. You also compare those statistics with your perception of crime and safety as a community member.
To prepare:
Locate crime statistics for your community, Myrtle Beach South Carolina. Be sure to allow yourself time to conduct this research.

Report the statistics for the 8 Type 1 index offenses in your community, including the identification of your community and a reference for where you found your statistics.
Explain whether the statistics match your perceptions. Explain the reasons for differences or similarities between the perception and reality of crime in your community.
Recommend one way in which you could address this difference between crime perception and statistics. Support your suggestion with examples from professional experience or with evidence from the learning resources.

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crime statistics
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