CRM-Mod 3 discuss.

Welcome to the week three discussion post.  Last week we went through time frames for different organizations.  It shows that there have been changes with the law, but not necessarily with the crimes.  Of course with time changes there are new types of crimes that are always evolving.  
This week we are focused on organizations that are motivated by their ethnic background.  There are so many organizations that are so biased they will not allow people of other ethnicities in their inner circle.  Find these organizations near you and enjoy the hunt for the ethnically biased organizations.  Please let us know if they even allow others to show up and try to join.  Below is the assignment. 
Reading your books you will see there are so many countries 
that have made the United States their home and have found each other 
and have either become self perpetuating criminal organizations or have 
joined forces and expanded criminal organizations. This week you will 
need to find two of these organizations in your area that are driven by 
their ethnic background.  This does not have to be in your neighborhood 
or your city, but in your region.  Link us to the articles (not the 
paper, but the specific article) and tell us their story IN YOUR WORDS, not in someone else’s words. Tell us their main activities. Tell us what crimes they have been linked to and why? Have high members been arrested? Think of anything that they have done or any way that they might work differently from other criminal organizations you have read about in your book. Tell us what you think in terms of who or what gang, criminal or criminal organization that they may be compared to being alike. No less than 300 words in your initial post. You must 
also respond to two fellow students.
Please answer this in discussion form, not question/answer form.
If you have been in this class 
before, you must use different organizations than what you used in this 
class previously.  

Deadline is Sunday of this week, at midnight.

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