Curriculum Theory and Instruction

Two goals, or ideas, that seem to appear frequently in curriculum are developing creativity in students and teaching thinking skills. Two of this module’s assigned readings in Contemporary Issues in Curriculum address these issues. In the chapter, “Creating Creative Minds,” Sternberg and Lubart present approaches to helping students become creative thinkers. In the chapter, “The Thought-filled Curriculum,” Costa presents five themes for shaping curriculum that would help students think. Evaluate these ideas in relationship to curriculum development. How do you see these ideas being embedded in curriculum design?

Your responses should be a minimum of two to three paragraphs long. Support your responses with relevant citations, using proper APA format, both from the course materials, as well as outside resources. Be sure to use vocabulary that is relevant to the topic!

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Curriculum Theory and Instruction
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Books we are using 
From your course text, Curriculum: Foundations, Principles, and Issues, 6th read: 
Ch 6: Curriculum Design (pages 149–155)
Ch 7: Curriculum Development (pages 208–213)

From your course text, Contemporary Issues in Curriculum, 6th read: 
Ch. 13: Creating Creative Minds
Ch. 20: The Thought-Filled Curriculum

From your course text, Curriculum Development: A Guide to Practices, 9th read: 
Ch. 3: Foundations of Curriculum Planning

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