Refer to the Week 1 – Task: MySQL™ Version 5.6: Download Instructions.
The IT Director approved your initial Fine Diamond Database Project designs. Now, you need to develop and test initial queries for the IT technical team.
As a team, complete the following tasks:

Build the tables for at least two stores of the Fine Diamonds Company and populate them with at least ten records for each table. 
Develop and execute queries to provide the required analytics and reporting to include the following:
A 1-page inventory list displaying all the attributes for each diamond in inventory (both in- and out-of-stock)
The total customer sales price and store costs for all in-stock inventory items
A 1-page list of all in-stock diamonds with a carat weight of over 1.0 carats
A 1-page list of customers who have placed an order within the last 12 months, along with their names and order numbers
A 1-page list of all orders placed within the past 12 months, along with the customer’s name and actual items included in the order
Compress the output of the queries, including all of the scripts, to create the database tables, establish keys and constraints, populate data within the database, and queries into a single ZIP folder.
Prepare a summary for the IT technical team that describes the following:
An explanation of the process used to determine the data types within each table
An explanation of the most difficult process in designing and building the data
How organizations can overcome the difficulties associated with the process

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Use MySQL Version 5.6 for database and query development.
Choose one of the following ways to create your summary:

A 14- to 16-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, including the query in the speaker notes of each slide with a screenshot of a query output
A 2-page Microsoft® Word document

Submit your summary and ZIP file of your query outputs.

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