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In your not less than 400 words document, provide the background data and prioritize the most pressing health needs of your community. Articulates biblical principles and how they relate to chosen maternal and child public health issue in the chosen country.


Proper planning and spending money wisely are necessary to meet the needs of a community. In this course, you will be assessing the needs of a developing country in Asia, Africa, or Latin America. This course centers on capacity-building through the development of sustainable health programming to meet maternal and child health needs.

Choose a rural village within a developing country to begin working. You are to become the expert on your chosen country, and you will provide general demographic and epidemiologic information about that country for your classmates to discuss. Begin with the World Health Organization (WHO), but do not stop there. From the data, you are able to find, begin to assess the maternal and child health needs of a rural community. In this course, you will not be addressing water and sanitation issues. You should recognize the impact of these issues, but you will only assess those problems directly responsible for maternal and child morbidity and mortality.


Citations in AMA Format


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