db for early education LASTWEEK

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Let’s have some fun with literature!  Books are a great way to introduce children to many concepts as well as aid children’s feelings.  Select 4 picture books that you use/plan to use in an early childhood classroom setting: 2 books with a family theme and 2 books that promote positive behavior(s).  Tell us the title and authors of each book, what you like about them, the valuable “lessons” children can learn from these and why you believe these lessons are important.  Please do not use any picture books that the text suggests so that you may focus on your own ideas.  Also, please use your own words, not ones from the Internet.
Please title your thread with your name.  Thank you!
This discussion links to the following course objectives:

Identify the major historical influences and current issues affecting early education today.
Analyze the influence the classroom environment, daily schedule, and though teaching  have on the healthy growth and development of young children.
Demonstrate the importance of parent/family involvement in children’s early care and education.
Use teaching strategies that integrate Anti-Bias Curriculum and Developmentally Appropriate Practice across the curriculum.

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db for early education LASTWEEK
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