Developing My Own Healthy Change Story and Persona

Part of developing your marketing skills is to understand your own “story.”  By connecting your own life experiences you are better equipped to understand the types of life experiences that your potential audience is having.  Being able to share the impact of your own healthy change journey has had on you, helps you to share that process with your audience.  It also lets you discover some of the setbacks and struggles that we all go through when in the process of change.  This assignment is meant to help you begin preparing your own healthy change story and journey.
Complete the assignment using the following instructions:

Please download this document and then create your own Template to submit your answers in the Discussion response.

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Developing My Own Healthy Change Story and Persona
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***Here are the different harmony profiles to complete this assignment, my dominant is “swing” and my least dominant is “wisdom” . With that information you should be able to complete the assigment. Below a sample answer ( do not copy).

1. My most dominant Harmony according to the quiz would be Tango-Expression.  I felt it was completely accurate. The description stated that I am extremely passionate, focused yet playful person. I seem to relate to this because over all I am always down to have a good time and see the better things in any given situation. Some people might consider me being friendly and outgoing, but when it’s time to get serious I have all the potential to give that given task/situation my entire attention. I know when to get serious and it might surprise people due to being extremely social at all times. I enjoy being in group settings just as much as I enjoy being alone. I can adapt easily and this quiz helped me analyze these dominant factors in my personality.
2. My least dominant DIS-Harmony would be Foxtrot-Wisdom. I am not sure if I relate to this completely because I could be complete opposites. There’s days where I am extremely organized and want to be on time and be able to finish my upcoming tasks, and don’t get me wrong; I get the job done. But there’s also days where I haven’t thought out my tasks thoroughly and I have too many things to do that I overwhelm myself due to procrastination and other negative factors. Over all, I think I could be the honorable keeper of the rules, because I enjoy running things smoothly with consistency. I believe I am a firm believer in consistency but I only give it my all if I am 100% Interested in the outcome.
3. The biggest, most important healthy change I’ve decided to work on would be procrastination and trying to become less busy. Being a full time student and worker I get consumed by many different functions throughout my days/weeks/months. It’s hard to maintain an open schedule when I have too many things to get done. I would have to first start by forcing myself to build a better schedule for myself where I don’t have the chance to be a procrastinator. I’ve always been the type to work best under pressure. But it’s not a good habit to have because I end up overwhelming myself with too much and it adds on to my busy schedule a whole lot more stress. I am going to try to not stay behind with assignments as well with tasks in the job field that should help me feel more motivated and cause less stress as well as being more synchronized with my thoughts and actions.

I have decided to choose procrastination as a healthy change because it benefits me in many ways. Getting rid of procrastination as a bad habit will better my days by things such as gaining more focus, and relieving anxiety. It would also benefit me when it comes to getting more things done. Being on top of your chores, tasks, and duties will allow me to have a clearer mind and think better, more peacefully. It’s a good way to attain the best version of myself.
During contemplation stage important factors when deciding to do my healthy change would include being aware of due dates, tasks, appointments and basically being in sync with my schedule. Knowing these factors will help me take control of my life a bit more and assist with getting them done. Getting things done within time is also a motivator for future reference. In hopes I continue to strive.
A few roadblocks during preparation stage might be how occupied my days are with work and school at the same time. Being busy could be a roadblock because it might push me towards procrastination since I have many tasks at hand to do. But if I work accordingly with my schedule and plan ahead, then I will be able to attain a better route when finishing up assignments, and even tasks on a daily basis. A few supplies I would begin with for a healthy change would be: purchasing an agenda, and setting reminders for important events/tasks.
The motivation I would need to continue my healthy change would come from within. I would have to take my time and work around my schedule and reduce the level of laziness when I’m tired after a long day of work and school. Sacrificing a few hours of sleep to get some reading done, or doing some assignments will pay off at the end of it all because I won’t have stress bombarding my thoughts.
In order to maintain this healthy change I will have to do some sort of commitment to myself. I will be able to see the change and difference throughout my days. I will probably stress less, and feel less anxiety knowing that everything I do is up to date. Getting tasks done on cue will motivate me to continue doing so. I’ll be able to maintain this cycle going and notice that my days and thoughts won’t feel so heavy on me.

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