Developing professional practice

Extended CA (2) ​Developing Professional Practice​​​​
(Worth 80% = 30% + 50% as alternative to exam)
There are 5 sections outlined below. All sections must be completed with reference to relevant literature/ documents highlighted in class, and to additionalreading. A reference list must be included and all referencing must follow the TUDublin-Blanchardstown Campus Guidelines.
(1) Choosing either the HIQA National Standards for Residential Services for Children and Adults with Disabilities (2013) or HIQA National Standards for Children’s Residential Centres (2018) (these standards will be covered in online lectures after Easter), focus on five themes. Outline thestandards within the five themes you have chosen, providing examples of good social care practice.
(500 words)​​​​​​​​(25 marks)
(2) CORU Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics for Social Care Workers (2019)
Choose two areas in the section on conduct, four areas in the section on performance and two areas in the section on ethics in this Code. Explain what these areas might mean in social care practice. Give a brief example for each from your placement,or other examples of good social care practice of which you are aware.
(300 words)​​​​​​​​(16 marks)​​​​​​​
(3) You are a keyworker or a co-keyworker with a service user. Discuss your professional relationshipwith this service user and their family. Include in your discussion, the importance of empowerment of service users and maintaining professional boundaries with them and their families. Alsohighlight key communication skills and self-awareness for the social care worker.
(300 words)​​​​​​​​(16 marks)​​
(4) Social care workers frequently co-work with other social care workers and other professionals. Outline five key areas of good practice when co-working or collaborating with other workers. Include in your discussion both interdisciplinary and interagency work.
(200 words)​​​​​​​​(10 marks)

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