Diary Entry for Macbeth

The witches have just told me their prophecy and I don’t know what to think. I have to tell my wife, she is an ambitious women and will be thrilled to find out the news. That in my future I will no longer be thane of Cawdor. I will move on to bigger and better things. For prophesised in my future I will become the great King of Scotland. But how am I to achieve these goals of becoming a king. Duncan is a dear friend of mine and trusts me like a brother.
How possibly could I deceive him, however although I cherish the friendship of the king I don’t see him fit for the thrown. I am the one who needs to be in charge, to lead the people of Scotland to glory. I deserve the thrown. How can I harbour these thoughts they are thoughts of evil. King Duncan doesn’t deserve this treachery. He is the King, the man chosen from God to lead the Scottish people. Im not sure on what I am to do, but when I meet with my wife we shall decide together.
She usually knows what is right. For now i will try to get a good sleep and think about the long journey back home. During The Murder As I put the pillow to Duncan’s chest I felt sick, I felt like no body could trust me. For Duncan is a friend, how should my friends let alone my enemies think. So I put the dagger down and quickly thought of turning back. I saw the look in his eyes, he wouldn’t forgive me if I turned back now he would send me to prison.

So I built up all my courage and stabbed the dagger through his chest, then a second time through his heart to make sure the great king was dead. As soon as I was finished my unholy deed I fled back to room where my wife would meet me. As I got back I had realised I had forgotten to frame the guards and cover up my tracks. As I was to shocked, devastated and had partially lost my mind I couldn’t complete the deed, so my wife had to cover my tracks. I felt less of a man but what was done had to be done and then it was over.
After The Murder What have I done, it’s all a mistake. Duncan is a great man loved by many, he didn’t deserve to die such a painful death, in fact he didn’t deserve to die at all. My wife she has corrupted me, but she is not to blame because I am the one who covered the Kings mouth to stop his loud screams from escaping his chamber, and I am the one who slowly dug the dagger through his bare chest till he could not scream any more, till he slept not only for a night but eternally.
I have no idea what to do, I am so confused. Should I tell people the atrocity that took place last night in my castle? I feel so alone in the world and I cannot tell my wife these feelings of guilt and regret because she is like a heartless demon, she will taught my feelings till I have no goodness left in me. Although it will be difficult I shall keep this secret safely kept in my bosom so that she will not taunt my feelings and feel I am the weakest link and that I will spoil our plans of becoming royalty.

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