Dietary Intake Assessment

 Dietary intake is a lifestyle factor that has a large effect on health and wellness. Assess your dietary intake for a day by tracking your diet and using appropriate tools ( to review it. 
Analyze your diet by answering the questions below in your journal. Your journal should contain the two parts described below.
Part 1: Assess your diet by addressing the following items:

Analyze your daily fat, saturated fat, sugar, carbohydrates, and caloric intake. Explain how your numbers compared with the goal levels.
Identify what vitamins and minerals fell below the goal level.
Elaborate on how your protein intake compared with the goal level. Discuss specific grams.
Explain the role and importance of consuming each of the following:

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Dietary Intake Assessment
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Part 2: Examine the effects of your diet on your health and wellness by addressing the following items in your journal entry:

Identify the effect your diet has on your health and wellness. Does your dietary intake protect you or increase your health risks?
Explain two chronic diseases directly related to an unhealthy diet.
Explain two ways you could improve your diet. Be specific and provide examples.

For the journal assignment, write out each question and then answer it. Your journal should be a minimum of one page in length (not including the title page or reference page). As a minimum, include the dietary website you used ( as references in your response to this journal activity.

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