1a. Rose’s action was wrong. It was an insult to Kalinda’s personality. Since Rose had an unresolved issue with an operator, Kalinda was right by calling Rose into her office to discuss and address the matter. Although, the company’s policy supported open-door policy which rose was trying to adopt, it was wrong for her to say such word directly as if there have been some unresolved issues between her and Kalinda. Rose also insulted her by saying she knows her right and that she will take care of the person to talk to.
2. Perhap, Kalinda should have not asked rose to come to her office to discuss the issue, she might have just called her and the operator together so that she will hear both from the operator and then from rose.  Also Kalinda perhaps should not have asked the question who rose will be comfortable talking to; Kalinda can just talk to her, try to encourage her, and probably sought out any unresolved differences between them, then ask about the issue with the operator. Furthermore, Kalinda can also wait for some time, so that Rose can come to her senses after the rigorous conflict with the operator, before calling her to discuss the issue.
2. a) Randy‘s answer to Judith was grossly inappropriate. Judith has not done wrong by trying to speak to Randy on his behavior to the customer, since it is for the benefit and in the interest of the company. From Randy’s action to the customer, one can easily deduce that he has some personality problems and he could not control his emotions (i.e. he is not matured). Judith knew that if Randy continues in this way, the company might end up losing some important customers; hence she needed to speak to Randy. Moreover, she did call randy in a modest way respecting his person by calling him to her office.

b). Probably he might have some personal issues with Judith that made him to react this way or may be he had personality disorder. Also, randy might have a bad day or had a conflict at home before coming to work.
c). after witnessing the whole scenario, she should have waited much longer before calling him, probably during break when he is relax. Moreover, Randy might feel belittled when Judith called her to her office, so might have save Randy the stress of leaving the desk for her office.
d). Yes. at least for Judith to have called him to her office that means she must be his senior at work, so he must be punished, first, for treating the customers in a unprofessional ways and secondly, by disrespecting a senior officer in the company.

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