Geriatric Syndromes may have multiple causes and affect multiple systems. Access the website below. Listen to the audio file and/or written case study regarding Maria Diaz.  Choose one geriatric syndrome (refer to Geriatric Syndrome mini-lecture in Moodle classroom) that Maria describes:
1. Does she exhibit common aging changes we discussed in N380 from chapter 5 in your text? If so, please identify.
2. What are her co-morbidities?
3. Which of the geriatric syndromes does she describe which could be related to her care and why?
4. Provide nursing interventions that could be implemented to help Maria related to the geriatric syndrome you identified.
5. Please respond to at least 2 classmates. Be sure to stimulate/facilitate discussion, demonstrate full understanding of material and cite two in-text citations. Utilize APA format with initial post at least 250 words and replies 100 words of more. Initial post is due by 2355 on Thursday with replies by 2355 on Sunday unless otherwise directed by the instructor. Provide insightful discussion, expand topic, establish credibility, and formulate evidence based conclusions utilizing netiquette based on the ANA Code of Ethics.

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