discussion 12

Predict and post three one-paragraph essay questions, including answers, for an exam that you have coming up this semester.
Download the following Essay Writing Evaluation Rubric. 
Based on this rubric, comment on at least two classmates essay responses, offering suggestions for improvement.

Classmate 1
Three essay questions that I will predict for an upcoming exam this semester for my American Government class are:
1. Has congress stepped overboard in their powers as stated in Article 1 Section 8, and taken advantage of the process? E.g. Patriot Act, Health Care Reform. Why should the government dictate what’s right for the American People?
I do believe that Congress has overstepped their powers and taken advantage of the process. It has gotten to the point where they are no longer giving American choices but rather imposing their decisions on us and disguising it as “security concerns” or “welfare of the people”. I believe that every American should have the right to choose whether or not they want to purchase health care, and should not be tracked/spied on by the government due to security concerns. I think both the security and health care system need a reform that extends beyond what is being offered or the standard universal proposal. I do not think that government should be allowed to dictate what is right for us or impose plans and acts that leave us with no way out.
2.  Should we have term limits for Congress? Please consider that some guys spend 50 years of their life in Congress. What would term limits help accomplish?
I do believe that we should have term limits for Congress.  I feel that term limits allow us to monitor Congress and officials to ensure they are doing their job properly and effectively.  Without term limits we would have the possibility of being stuck with someone who is using our money to wastefully spend or other destructive political habits, hiding behind the shield of a limitless term. In my opinion, term limits for Congress are a great way to periodically clean up the house and remove those who are taking advantage of the system.
3. Social welfare is the most debatable topics in American policy politics, yet many Americans are frustrated by those who sit and collect a check every month without any desire to improve themselves. How can we regulate the system as many Americans often wonder if welfare creates more poverty and laziness?
I think that welfare does create more poverty and laziness IF there is no limit to the amount of time the assistance can be received. I do feel that every American could use a hand in difficult times but not for the rest of their lives. It is a great thing that your country can provide for you and lend a helping hand when a citizen needs it but unfortunately some people abuse the system. It is the same people who abuse the system who give a bad name to those who are actually in need of assistance. I think Americans are frustrated with those who sit and collect a check every month without any desire to improve themselves rather than those who have fallen on hard times.  This is a great article detailing Trump’s new rule for SNAP recipients that details the intentions of the administration in lending a helping hand : https://www.npr.org/2019/12/04/784732180/nearly-700-000-snap-recipients-could-lose-benefits-under-new-trump-rule .

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discussion 12
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Classmate 2
Being that my major is Criminal Justice, I am taking a fingerprint course. My professor provided us with a study guide for our final. Here are 3 possible questions and answers on the exam:
1.    1. What are friction ridges and where are they found and used for?
Friction ridges are raised portion of the epidermis on the palmer or plantar skin. Friction ridges consist of 1 or more connected ridge units. They are found on the hands, feet and prehensile tails of primates and are used to grip objects or things. Because of these raised portions on the tip of our fingers, we are able to grab and pick up objects similar to how monkeys and different animals can.

2.    2. Name 3 fingerprint patterns and describe each pattern?
Arch, Loop, and Whorl
Arch patterns are friction ridges which enter on one side of the fingerprint, make a rise in the center, and exit out the other side. They are the least common fingerprint type and 5% of these fingerprints are found in the population. Loop pattern are the most common fingerprint pattern and are 60-70% of fingerprints in the population. They are ridges which enter on one side of the finger, make a U-turn around a core, and exit out the same side of the finger. Whorl pattern are patterns in which friction ridges make a complete circuit around a central core. They are the second most common fingerprint pattern and only 30-35% of fingerprints in the population.

3.    3. Describe 3 phases of forensic science:
The phases of forensic science are DEMONSTRATE, IDENTIFY, AND RECONSTRUCT. When a person demonstrates they prove and show whether or not a crime has been committed. When a person identifies they Identify individuals involved and associated with those at the scene and with the scene. Lastly, reconstruct occurs when we try to put together how the crime scene and the sequence of events occurred. Evidence such as fingerprints can link a suspect, victim and crime scene.

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