Discussion 6(CSIS) Replies

Reply to 2 threads. Each reply must be at  least 100 words. Must use complete paragraphs, proper APA  formatting, and cite information that is not his/her own.

Reply #1
Due to hackers being  more prominent than ever and security breaches happening at an extremely  high rate, companies must take extra precaution to keep sensitive data  and systems safe and secure. On way to help do this is an  application-based security scanner. An application-based security  scanner is a scanner that automatically scans applications to look for  vulnerabilities within the application. Although security scanners are a  good source of security, “no scanner can find all vulnerabilities”  (Johnson, 2015, p.432). A scanner can also produce a list of  priority-based vulnerabilities that should be patched right away along  with steps to do this. Some scanners even have the capability to have an  automated patching process.
Grabber is a web  application security scanner that can detect many different security  vulnerabilities in web applications. It is a small application mostly  used for personal use, but it is portable. Since it is small it does  take more time to run vulnerability scans on larger applications. It was  developed in Python and there is an executable version available. You  can also modify the program to suite your needs for the program. It  automatically performs scans and detects security vulnerabilities such  as SQL injection, Ajax testing, cross site scripting, JavaScript source  code analyzer and file inclusion. Grabber will check backup files for  security issues. Proverbs 2:11 tells states, “Discretion will protect  you, and understanding will guard you” (NIV). We can use this in our  daily lives as well as in IT Security. We must understand the threats  out there, how to prevent them and what programs work best to help us  achieve this. The more we understand vulnerabilities, the better we can  be at protecting systems and sensitive information.
Johnson, R. (2015). Security policies and implementation issues. (2nd ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones
            & Bartlett Publishers002E. ISBN: 9781284055993.

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Discussion 6(CSIS) Replies
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Reply #2 
An application based security scanner is essential for any  computer. With security scanners it helps to prevent most importantly  viruses. Security scanners also help to sweep a computer and identify  any threats to software or even any corrupt files that may be causing  harm to the computer. One particular security scanner is called Vega.  According to the website infosecinstitute.com this security scanner is  GUI based and is written into java. Some of the features that are  included are Automated crawler and vulnerbility server. It also includes  content analysis, intercepting proxy’s.
 This security scanner can help mitigate many different risks or  threats. Some of these threats include Trojan viruses, malware, and  security breaches. Some security breaches could include leaking of  personal information on a computer. In the Bible it talks about finding  security in the Lord and in Psalms 122:7 it says ”peace be within your  walls and security within your towers.” (Psalms 122) This type of  security scanner should help anyone feel comfortable about their  security with their computer. But with anything computers one of the  best ways to mitigate threats is to use good judgement. 
Top  5 Web Application Security Scanners of 2018. (2018, October 18).  Retrieved from  https://resources.infosecinstitute.com/top-5-web-application-security-scanners-2017/#gref

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