Discussion 8

This module introduces the most common international business strategies and discusses the importance of understanding cultural differences.

 Module Outcomes/Objectives: 
 Assess theories and models of strategic management and thought. 
 Evaluate the capacity for strategic foresight and opportunities for disruptive innovation. 
 Synthesize the requirements for a strategic plan that capitalizes on the opportunities for disruptive innovation. 

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Discussion 8
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 Required Readings/Resources: Disruptive Innovation and the Changing Global IPO Market” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xNoglGvIAE 

 Innovation and International Markets develop and sustain a business in the global marketplace. The conventional wisdom is that larger companies have an advantage when it comes to entering the global market. The video brings out the advantages SMEs may have over large organizations when it comes to taking the lead in international business through disruptive innovations. Do you agree or disagree? Use the video to bolster your opinion.  Be sure to reference this source. 

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