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I am reminded that none of the reading this week is specific to law enforcement.  In order to contextualize leadership in law enforcement organization, let us “paint the readings blue”.  First, what is your definition of leadership? What is the basis of your definition?  Proffer several book or article definitions of leadership.  What are the unique qualities of leadership in criminal justice organizations?  If you argue there are no unique qualities you must then support this assertion? How important is credibility in leading criminal justice organizations and what happens when criminal justice leaders lack credibility? 
Of course this Discussion Board Prompt is loaded with questions, be sure to balance your answers to address all the points.  Because of the 500-word original post requirement, this may limit your depth on some points.  
. You will complete the assigned weekly readings and post a 500-word thread answering the Discussion Board question based upon assigned from the readings. Each post must include three unique, relevant scholarly references and one scriptural reference. The thread must be submitted in the Discussion Board Forum’s textbox as well as a properly formatted, current APA Word document.
 requires a minimum of 1 properly formatted citation. must reflect a solid Christian worldview through the use of at least 1 Holy Bible reference.

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