Discussion Forum on Chapter readings

 REQUIRED TEXT BOOK : C. Langley; C. John Langley; Robert A. Novack; Brian Gibson; John J. Coyle (2016)  Supply Chain Management (12th Edition). Publisher: Cengage South-Western   

 Read and Review 
Chapter 4 Distribution and Omni-Channel Network Design 
Chapter 5 Sourcing Materials and Services 
After reading this chapters,  Reflect and discuss the following questions:

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Discussion Forum on Chapter readings
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1.In what ways can the design of a firm’s supply chain network affect its ability to create value for customers through efficiency, effectiveness, and differentiation?

2. What are the steps in the process of supply chain network design? Of these steps, which are most relevant to the task of selecting a specific location for a logistics facility?

3.Describe and discuss the differences and relationships between purchasing, procurement, and strategic sourcing. How have these concepts evolved?

4.Using the risk/value technique, categorize the importance of the following items for an automobile manufacturer: engine, tires, gasoline, paper for the employee newsletter, a uniquely designed and engineered muffler, and rail car service to dealers. Describe the rationale you used to ascertain each categorization.

submit in APA format document with more than 500 words.

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