Discussion “Narrative” WK3VEAL

Read each of the following essays from the Broadview online companion. To view the readings, use the Access Code printed on the back of the sticker affixed to the front of the textbook. If there is no Access Code, contact Broadview’s customer service at the email address listed in the textbook:

George Copway, “Ball-Playing”
Joan Didion, “On Going Home”
Stevie Cameron, “Our Daughters, Ourselves”

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Discussion “Narrative” WK3VEAL
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In the Discussion Forum, answer at least three of the following questions in response to one of the readings:

What is your initial reaction to the essay? Do you like it? Do you dislike it? Why?
A narrative essay should not only tell a story, but also have some larger theme or idea for the reader to take away from their experience. What was the larger theme in the essay you read? Do you think the author was successful in connecting their own experience with this larger idea/theme? If so, how? (it’s ok if you don’t feel they did; just make sure to back up your answer)
What do you feel work best in the essay? What do you think did not work as well?
What writing techniques did you learn from the author that you could use in your own writing?

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