Discussion question about Islam art

Please complete the following question in at least 200 words:
Diverse desires merge in the process of architectural creation and conflicting desires shape and motivate architectural innovation, and may serve as the foundation for the complexity and contradictions central to architectural poetics.” Mohammed Hamdouni Alami, Architecture and Desire, Pg. 192
Consider this thought (among others) from Alami in regard to secular and religious architecture in the Umayyad and Abbasid empires.
(A) Do you view the architecture from a functionalist or spiritualist viewpoint? (B) What are your thoughts on Alami’s opinion about the element of “fairytale” in all great monuments? Is the fairytale dimension, the poetic quality, a central part of early Islamic architecture? (C) Can a work of architecture achieve the shared desire of the architect and the patron?

No outside source material. Looking for opinion and critical thinking.
Please see the companion lecture in week three for images of palaces and early mosques.
You must respond to 1 other classmate’s comments. Comment on their opinion with agreement or disagreement. Responses to others should be at least 75-150 words.
To achieve the maximum number of points completely respond to the questions academically (This means a clear and concise argument, excellent grammar, and writing has been proofread), and then politely and thoughtfully respond to a classmate in at least 75-150 words. Posts and responses that do not meet the previously mentioned requirements will receive a reduction in points.

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Discussion question about Islam art
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