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In your responses to your peers, consider how policies can be used to respond to and reduce global health disparities. How can they counteract the social determinants of health? Compare and contrast your professional role as a nurse   with your peers’ professional roles in dealing with the global health issues.
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   It is definitely a crazy time that we are living in and going forward I think as they continue to work towards a vaccine and a way to treat COVID-19 the world as we know it will now be different. I think the phrase “social distancing” will always be a part of our vocabulary, and wearing masks in public may become more of a common practice. I think this will continue to be a “learn as you go” kind of thing.
            Temporary legislations are being put into place to help reduce contact and hopefully decrease the numbers of those that are testing positive. In Tennessee we have temporarily suspensions and modifications, or waives deadlines to non-academic eligibility requirements.  Another example the Attorney General has prohibited utilities from being disconnected during this state of emergency. The governor of Tennessee has “opened” the state of Tennessee allowing restaurants to be opened at half capacity and places can only have so many people in their salons, stores etc. The mayor of Nashville has opted to not re-open our county due to the continued increase of those testing positive, and not wanting to see another influx. “State health officials continue to work with the CDC, federal authorities and other health agencies to ensure a collaborative response. State lawmakers may direct constituents to local, state and federal health resources to keep everyone informed. Meanwhile, several states are taking legislative action to mitigate the effects of an outbreak” (Bradford, K., Johnson, T., Garcia, A., & Kennedy, L. n.d.).
            Professionally, I no longer have a direct contact position therefore masks, social distancing have become the new norm. We continue to have a long list of questions that we have to ask regarding the patients’ health, and exposures before we are allowed to admit them to our psychiatric unit. Lastly, thank you so much for all you do as a nurse, every day, but especially during these times. I think educating and empowering people are sometimes the best that you can do for someone. You mentioned educating those that are unaware of Covid-19. I assume that I feel it is everywhere and you cannot escape it. Do you have patients that you have to explain what is going on regarding this?

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Discussion Reply- Response 1-2 paragraphs with 1-2 references
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