Do you Support or Oppose the Death Penalty?

I do support the Death Penalty. I don’t consider it cruel, why because some people do some things to the point they can be found guilty and they life will be taken. People don’t think about their consequences. ” If that was the case, there would be more killings by police than arrests. When murderers are confronted by a policeman, they normally surrender because of the threat of the lethal weapon pointed at them”.
I don’t but then I do because some people deserve what they do but I also kinda be feeling sad.”While many believe that the death penalty is more of a deterrent than a lengthy prison sentence, the very concept of ‘deterrence’ is argued by many as inapplicable to criminal psychology, especially if mental illness is involved source. Criminals rarely think about the consequences of their actions and this is especially true with crimes of passion”.
I’m actually happy we have the death penalty, we need it for so many reasons. Death Penalty plays a big role in life. Can’t let people get away with crimes..if they executing murderers they prevent them from murdering again. I think if those people no longer exist then they obviously cannot commit more crimes. The punishment should fit the crime, if you kill someone you should be killed too.

I also disagree with the Death Penalty. Why because i think some people deserve chances after chances so when they get that chance i hope they use it wisely. I feel as people is grown enough to understand what they doing, I think if you give them another chance the criminal would learn the lesson. Mistakes are made in-laws also, what if someone is killed who is actually innocent? Mistakes can be made, I feel as if you do a crime that gives you life in jail like killing, kidnap, robbery, or rape they should be killed.
You should never walk around here thinking you can get away with the crimes with any crimes matter of fact. Especially if a man rapes a kid or a teenager they should be killed. Can’t rape someone and think you about to go to jail in live your life there, NO! It stated ” if anyone commits a crime of rape shall be punished by life imprisonment at hard labor without benefit or parole, probation, or suspension of sentences. If the victim was underage the offender shall be punished by death. The death penalty should apply to killers of black people as well as to killers of whites. I agree and disagree with the Death Penalty. Source

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Do you Support or Oppose the Death Penalty?
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