doctoral statement

Assignment 1: Revised Problem Statement
At the end of your previous course, DDBA 8161, you submitted a draft Problem Statement. As you will recall, it is critical that you ensure your problem statement is business focused. It must not represent a problem that has a social, psychological, educational, or other discipline-specific emphasis. A business problem presents a challenge or issue from the perspective of business managers or industry leaders who are in a position to address the problem. Therefore, it is important to adopt a management perspective, and not a perspective of a social advocate. 
The Walden University model for writing the DBA Problem Statement comprises four elements, to include the (a) hook, (b) anchor, (c) general business problem, and (d) specific business problem. As you explore the DBA model for writing an effective business problem, you will notice the hook, anchor, and the general business problem can be very similar (if not exactly the same) for a quantitative and qualitative study addressing the same problem/phenomenon. However, a clear distinction exists between the specific business problem for a quantitative and qualitative study. In this Assignment, you will build upon your work from Week 8 of the previous course (DDBA 8161) to gain a deeper understanding of the alignment between research method (quantitative and qualitative) and the Problem Statement, specifically the “specific business problem.”
To prepare for this Assignment, review the draft business Problem Statement you wrote in DDBA 8161, as well as the reference materials provided in this week’s Required Readings and Media. Be sure to examine the differences between quantitative and qualitative Problem Statements. Consider the impact of a well-crafted Problem Statement on developing an effective Doctoral Study Prospectus, and incorporate any feedback from your peers’ review of your draft Problem Statements in this week’s Discussion.
By Day 7
Submit the following:

One quantitative Problem Statement, based on draft Problem Statement submitted in DDBA 8161 and revised to incorporate any relevant feedback from your peers
One qualitative Problem Statement, based on draft Problem Statement submitted in DDBA 8161 and revised to incorporate any relevant feedback from your peers
A 1-page description and rationale for changes made to both quantitative and qualitative Problem Statements, including supportive references to the Doctoral Study Rubric and Research Handbook

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