Does Travel Really Broaden the Mind?

Question: Travel is often said to influence travelers by making them more open to other cultures and new ideas. Does travel really broaden the mind? What are some other effects of extended period of travel? Nowadays, travelling has become a lifestyle for people, and it is expanding fast. In a hectic schedule, people are trying to have vacation by travelling. Reasons why people choose travel are because people want to discover new things, have recreation far from the hectic schedule. A lot of motives also affect people to travel.
Usually they want to explore, discover, and relaxing. Some say to broaden the mind, but some say it is only a waste of time and money. The advantages of travelling give us cause and effect. People said that travelling influence travelers to have different perspective, different point of view. When we are going on a trip, the culture of the destination creates a new perspective and a new way of living our life. People also tend to copy their surroundings, which is why I can say that travelling also make us have a new good attitude.
The effect of these 2 advantages that I stated is our behavior, which can affect other people as well. Next, we discuss about the disadvantages of travel and the negative effects of travelling. Dangerous thing can happen during travel. The safety of the transportation is one of the dangerous things that could happen. Diseases issues are also one of the reasons why travelling can be such if a danger (Travel exposes, 2009, p. Online). For example, when swine flu disease attacked that time, people were scared to travel and they always used mask.

The other reason is some people had a perspective that people won’t always need physical travel only to broaden the mind, because the idea expanding the mind can be obtained through having a smart conversation, read books, et cetera (The previous, 2009, p. Online). The last reason is because of other country’s problem. The conflict of a travelling destination is not what people expect on a vacation. The examples are: policy problem, religion conflict, government issues, et cetera (Does travel p. Online).
So there are 2 opinions that are acceptable, but it has not answer the question. Does travel really broaden the mind? People’s opinions does matter, but I can say that it does broaden our mind. The journey itself has given us a new experience in our life. We try new things; we learn new things, et cetera. Reading books does help us broaden the mind, but wouldn’t it be great to experience it ourselves and learn it in our own ways? Mark twain once said “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow – mindedness. ” That is why it affects our perspective.
Reaching the conclusion of the essay, we know that through travel people learning and adapting to the culture and diversity of mankind. We also find out that some people won’t always need travel to a new area for broadening the mind. For me, travelling is a mind broadening and also an experience that can teach us the way we behave. So, the conclusion is travel does broaden the mind but if we spent all of hour time just to keep “broaden our mind’ it’s not wise as well. In life itself, balancing things are also needed.
So to end this essay I can state that the answer is a yes, but it all comes back to the reader: what do you see? References Debate topic – travels broaden the mind (2009), E-notes [online]. Available at: http://www. enotes. com/ref/discuss/debate-topic-travel-broadens-mind-58037 [Accessed 12 January 2012] Does travel really broaden our mind, Correct My Text [online]. Available at: http://www. correctmytext. com/text/139/page1 [Accessed 12 January 2012] Does Travel Really Broaden The Mind? (2009), Running in Heels [online]. Available at: http://runninginheels. co. k/articles/does-travel-really-broaden-the-mind/Travel. (2011), Travellers Backpack [online]. Available at: http://travellersbackpack. blogspot. com/ [Accessed 16 January 2012] Travel Broadens The Mind (2002), Krenny [online]. Available at: http://www. kreny. com/paper/2/morren/travelbroadensthemind. html [Accessed 12 January 2012] Travel & Tourism: Proof that travel really can broaden the mind (1998), The Independent. Available at: http://www. independent. co. uk/news/education/education-news/travel–tourism-proof-that-travel-really-can-broaden-the-mind-1159877. html [Accessed 12 January 2012]

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