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Musculoskeletal system in the body assists the body with everyday movement and the metabolic system regulates and fires off hormones throughout the body (Falkner & Green, 2018). There are also multisystem health dysfunctions within the body that affect multiple systems for instance sepsis is one of those health problems that affects multiple systems and needs to be rapidly treated in order to prevent severe complications.
Common musculoskeletal abnormal findings include pain, bone loss and muscle atrophy that can be associated with aging in individuals. Pain is abnormal yet common and can present in numbness, limited range of motion, stiffness and tenderness within the body (Falkner & Green, 2018). These musculoskeletal changes can affect everyday living and happiness with overall well-being. Pain, muscle atrophy and changing musculoskeletal functions changes how individuals live and function throughout the day. These changes and abnormal findings can lead to diagnosis of osteoarthritis or fractures. Metabolic system controls hormones and abnormal hormone regulation can lead to different health problems such as diabetes, hypothyroid and Cushing’s syndrome (Falkner & Green, 2018). Metabolic abnormalities lead to irregular sugar levels either too low or too high; each poses different problems on the body that need to be addressed so that dizziness, altered level of consciousness and increase in thirst or urination. Multi-system dysfunctions affect many different parts of the body. A great example of this is sepsis. Sepsis starts off as an infection but progresses to many different body systems. For example, a patient may come in with an infection but then that infection worsens and shows changes in white blood cell counts, tachycardia and fever; these symptoms are indicating that the infection is in multi-systems throughout the body. Sepsis needs to be immediately addressed so that severe or life-threatening outcomes do not arise.

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