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SHORT MINIMUM  800 words   REFLECTION 3 DOCUMENT  WORK & SOCIETY Needs to be edited and meet the word count requirements listed in the instructions 1500-2000? Must be competent and college level writing and content?

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The Structure of the Job

A wellness center refers to a place where medicinal and mental health care nutritionists, professionals, and life-coaches offer a multiplicity of services and treatments for the healthiness of their patients’ bodies and mind. As a manager of this center, I am obliged to ensure that all these services take place to the satisfaction of the clients and that the wellness center workers are we paid and motivated to work. I am not a health specialist myself here, but simply a manager with the administration skills and experience. As such, I only require time to ensure that the organization is running with no complaints from the clients and staff, but not to get in the service rooms and take care of the clients. Given this factor, my job is more time structured than task-structured.

While I am also required to ensure that the tasks of the employees are extensively made clear to them, a situation, which is typically a feature of task-structured, I am not directly involved in designing and developing the task descriptions. Again, I am also just required to confirm if these descriptions are available and if they are proper or not, a job, which only requires my time.

The Suitability of My Personality to this Orientation

As already said, my job here is not to treat or handle the clients. It is to make sure that they are handled in the required manner. I am the supervisor, the manager and the assessor in this situation. These are the areas of my strength, given the sufficient skills, knowledge, and experience that I boost in them. Leadership qualities are crucial in this job, and with the confidence I have in myself, I believe I was born a leader. I do not only have a commanding voice and appearance, but also the wits to make proper decisions, solve the organization’s issues, motivate employees and keep it united. If this is not a suitable personality and or temperament towards this orientation and job, then what is the look of the suitable personality in this case?

Applicable Coping Mechanisms in case My Nature fails to fit in my Job regarding Time Orientation

Boosting a suitable orientation to my orientation is a big advantage to me. However, humans are prone to errors as writes Ciulla, (2000), hence I may occasionally find myself on the negative sides especially with poor observations of time. When you are late, you do not handle your duties as you could have done in the situation of enough time. Your output, in this case, is received in both poor quality and little quantity. When this situation happens, we are usually not relaxed, but in pressure, hence stress. As such, the mechanisms of coping with the faults in time orientation play intimately to the stress coping mechanisms. One mechanism I will use in this case is the problem-solving mechanism. With this mechanism, I would aim at locating the source of the problem, that is, time wastage and determine solutions. I would also execute the adjusting expectations mechanisms. In this system, I would forget about the fault and anticipate covering it in my next activities. I would, for instance, create another time from my own personal like leisure to cover up for the wasted time. Humor is another coping mechanism, which I would as well consider using. With this system, I would be able to identify the amusing aspect of the problem on time orientation at hand. This process is popularly referred to as positive reframing, and it has been vital in correcting minor failures in organizations as recorded in the business’ book of history.

The Elements of Increasing Leisure

Fatigue is one obstacle to consistent high quantity and quality output. This point makes leisure a crucial factor in production, however, not just leisure but sufficient leisure. As such, the employers should strive to maximize the self and their workers’ leisure time. The employees, on the other hand, ought as well to be creative so as to spell out the ways of increasing their leisure time.

Although one can increase his or her leisure time by reducing the over-scheduling of the self, I suppose that the best way of achieving this goal is by increasing the work rate, so that you are done with your tasks earlier than expected. If for example I have to confirm the visitor’s books to see if the organization is receiving them, hence running well and their comments to tell whether the workers are satisfying the clients or not, and the task is required to take a standard time of 5hrs, for instance, I may decide to increase my work rate so that clear it within 3 or 4 hours. In this case, I would have saved the other 2 or 1 hour for my leisure.

Preparations for this Situation

Increasing one’s work rate does not require so much. Nonetheless, it commences so deep with a mental notification or adjustment of what to do and for how long. It is the brain that will adjust the entire body and prepare it for the forthcoming task. Care should be taken, not to waste even a single minute. Every second should be put to maximize use. In this manner, a worker will be maximizing the time for leisure. 



ASSIGNMENT: A REFLECTION – WORK & SOCIETY ACTION 3, Based on book “The Working Life, by Joanne B. Ciullia


Reflection Paper ACTION  #3  Objective: Understand your orientation toward time as it is discussed in your reading and assess how you can achieve greater balance among the different types of time.

 Reflect on the questions below and write your response.

 · Discuss whether your job is more task-structured or time-structured and provide illustrations. What about your personality or temperament is suited toward each orientation and what coping mechanisms might you use if there is not a good fit between your nature and your job regarding time orientation?

 · Consider whether you can increase your leisure time by selecting any of the following elements or choose some of your own methods: 1) learning to say “no”, 2) reducing overscheduling of yourself and/or those for which you are responsible, 3) unplugging digitally from work.

 What preparation and practical steps do you need to pursue to make this a reality?

 Instructions: 1. Describe your organization in paragraph format in 1500-2000 words.

                             Answer each bullet point above.

 2. Use subheadings. There should be a centered subheadingfor each bullet point listed above (e.g. Job Structure, Leisure, etc.). This helps ensure that you address each required item and shows me that you covered them all.

 3. Format using double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font.

4. Submit this as a Word document by the due date posted in your syllabus.

 5. Please remember to follow the rules of academic integrity as every paper is automatically submitted to Turnitin.com when it is submitted to Drop Box.



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