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Assignment 1: Paraphrasing
Careful paraphrasing is generally thought to be a way to avoid unintentional plagiarizing of another’s work. It must also convey the key points one wants to share from the original source to the audience you are writing for.

To best prepare for this assignment, complete this week’s required readings. You may also want to review the APA Publication Manual and/or resources listed in this module’s lecture area, view tutorials at the www.apastyle.org Web site, and do some independent research on paraphrasing guidelines.

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Select Paragraph
For this part of the assignment, select one paragraph from the body of one of the articles you have chosen to include in your literature search.

Paraphrase Paragraph
Paraphrase the content from the paragraph you selected. You may want to later include it in the body of your literature review. Include appropriate citations, as necessary.

Post Paraphrased Paragraph
Post the original paragraph (in quotation marks) and your paraphrasing of the paragraph to theDiscussion Area by the due date assigned. 

Grading Criteria 
Maximum Points

Quality of initial posting, including fulfillment of assignment instructions20
Quality of responses to classmates12
Reference to supporting readings and other materials4
Language and grammar4

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