EME Lesson Plan

By doing this, students will learn to read all authored texts with a critical mind, peeping in mind that opinions and viewpoints can alter the reality that each tee Ext can present. Students will analyze the authors messages from two fictional in order to intent Rupert the differing viewpoints that the authors having regarding the ideas of utopia and govern meet control. By doing this, students will learn to identify the authors intent in written works e even when it is implied or implicit.
Learning Objectives: With the aid of the two textbooks and Nicolas notes, students will be able to c instruct a twisted Pentagram in a Google doc of the differing messages within each ext, showing at least six items of differences on each side and six items of similarity in the mi del. With the aid of the two textbooks, Nicolas notes, and the internet, students will I be able to write two extended responses explaining each book’s authors viewpoint and how t his reflects in the story, with five correctly sited books references and two correctly sited intern et references per author to support their argument.
Resources: The Giver, by Lois Lowry Fahrenheit 451 , by Ray Bradbury Computers for every student Google Powering Document Procedure: 1. I/teacher will introduce the activity and review any material that you/ students express misunderstandings or concern over. L/ teacher will also review how a Pentagram works and how to fill one out. (5 minutes) 2. YOW students will go to the computers and open the Google document that is lealer dad set up with blank Pentagram sheets.

You/ Students will bring with you your books and your notes from Nicolas discussions. (2 minutes) 3. YOW students will fill in the Pentagrams will the similarities and differences beet en the author’s message within the books. You/ students will have at least six items of difference on each side and six items of similarity in the middle. You/ students will be sure to write down where you found or read these differences for later use in the project. (30 minutes) 4.
You/ students will research information on each author explaining the reasons bee mind his writings, the different books he wrote, and anything else that could affect ho w that particular author viewed the world. (20 minutes) 5. You/ students will print out your Pentagrams and internet research, and then ret run to your/their seats. (5 minutes) 6. I/teacher will introduce the next portion of the project where you/ students will use the Pentagrams, the books, your notes, and internet resources to write two ext ended responses. 3 minutes) 7. YOW students will write two extended responses following the instructions. Each o en will focus on one of the authors and will describe how the author’s viewpoint fee acts the message in the stories. You/ students will have at least five correctly sited book references and two correctly sited internet references in each extended response SE. (35 minutes). 8. If any of you/students were unable to finish this project, you/ students will take it home and finish it as homework which will be due next class.

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EME Lesson Plan
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