Employer and Employee Responsibilties and Rights Discussion

Find an article from a trusted media source published within the last six months illustrating an ethical issue regarding employer/employee responsibilities and rights.  Identify the ethical issue and include that in the title of your posting.  Make sure to include a link to the article or a PDF version of the article attached to your post.  Then, answer the following questions:
1.  What are the basic facts of this example?
2.  Who are the stakeholders besides the obvious employee/employer?
3.  Address any alternatives in handling this situation.  Use moral imagination.
4.  How would you handle this situation.  Remember, you are entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts.  Base your decision upon the facts, the stakeholders, and the various theories for evaluating the alternatives.
Your posting should be limited to one thorough yet concise paragraph.  Concise means you use only the necessary space to accomplish your objective.  It does not mean short; you must be thorough/complete AND concise. 
After reading all of your classmates’ postings, respond to at least one classmate with a substantive response.
Please make sure to proofread for writing errors.  Make sure to pick a story not already summarized by a classmate; you will not receive credit if you are the second student to post on the same ethical issue/story. 

—–> respond to a friend: 
(((  http://money.cnn.com/2018/02/28/news/companies/dicks-weapon-ban/index.html (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
The article I chose was one talking about the recent choice of Dick’s Sporting Goods halt in sales of ‘assault style weapons.’ The basic facts of this example are that the Parkland shooter had purchased a weapon from Dick’s Sporting Goods, although he did not use it in his rampage. Another fact is that Dick’s withholds the right to enforce their own rules over the sales and purchases of firearms in their own business. The stakeholders in this scenario range from the people that want to buy assault style weapons under 21 to the people who get to keep their lives because of this decision. Other stakeholders consist of stockholders and the weapons manufacturers. Alternatives to handling this situation would be better gun laws on the governments behalf. Alternatives that the store could take would be to either sell the weapons with a more biased basis of approval or to halt the sales of all weapons. I would handle the situation the same way. The positive PR in this specific situation makes the choice a “no-brainer.” Dick’s is obviously concerned about its public image, and most-likely public safety. )))

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Employer and Employee Responsibilties and Rights Discussion
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(((This example looks at the ethical behavior of Kellyanne Conway violating the Hatch Act which forbids federal government employees from using their positions to influence the result of an election.  Her interview on Fox and Friends, the complaint says she attacked Jones to convince voters to choose Moore, in the Alabama Senate race, so that Donald Trump will have a tax plan ally in the Senate.  The Stakeholders in this situation are The American People that are effected by this.  I don’t think there are any alternatives in this except to follow the law that is in place for this situation.  If it is proven that she acted against the Hatch Act then she should be accountable and punished which in this case the employee should be fired. 
https://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_5a20aa70e4b03350e0b5935a (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.)))

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