ENG 107

 Growth Mindset or Fixed?
Assignment:  Now that you’ve read the chapter “The Student Fear Factor,” by Rebecca Cox, and “Brainology,” by Carol Dweck, please write no less than three (3) pages in a Blue Book in response to ALL of the following questions:

Do you believe you have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset?  Why?  What behaviors or attitudes do you see in yourself that make you think so?
How much importance, if any, does fear play in people who have a fixed mindset?
What strategies can help students overcome a fixed mindset and/or a fear they have?

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ENG 107
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Strategies for Planning Your Essay:  As you think about how you want to organize and write this essay, you might want to consider the three question groups above.  Given that this essay, as with all college essays, will be a minimum of five (5) paragraphs, you might want to consider devoting at least one body paragraph to each of the three question groups

No less than 1200 words.
As with all academic essays, this must be a minimum of five (5) paragraphs.
Absolutely NO block quotes.

The successful paper will do the following:

Focus on the topic provided with adequate examples/examination of this topic
Provide evidence (quotes) that demonstrate the theme/topic you’re analyzing
Demonstrate critical thinking, reading, and writing skills by making sound claims and supporting them with evidence in an organized and logical manner
Present a clear, arguable thesis statement in the introduction
Have well organized body paragraphs that stick to the structure discussed in class (Topic Statement, Context, Evidence, Analysis, and Transition)
Support the thesis statement and other claims with textual evidence and examples
Come to a conclusion that moves beyond summary

Please Do NOT:

Use quotes that are longer than 4 lines – No Block Quotes Please.

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