Engineering Economics Homework

Engineering Economics Homework: Engineering Entrepreneurs

Feasibility Analysis of a Business Venture

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Engineering Economics Homework
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Project description:  Feasibility analysis of a business venture


Description of business
Initial costs
Ongoing (fixed and variable) costs:
Cost of goods
Labor (yourself and any other personnel
Promotion, marketing
Sensitivity analysis for at least three levels of success (optimistic, average, pessimistic). 
Present worth
Rate of return
Modified rate of return
Projected profit and loss statement of first year
Thats my work please complete it in word. The cost should be in us Texas prices. 

We are going to sell grilled lamb Burger in a food truck that will be located on a gas station. The menu in Burgery will be Lamb burger (single patty) $7 and the combo will cost $12 and each extra patty will cost $4. The truck will be open in weekdays from 6 pm to 12 am. Weekends from 8pm to 2 am.
Initial costs:
Drivable Food Truck with appliances: $38596
It includes (Generator + Griller + Freezer + Fridge + Fryer). 
Gas, Oil change and Maintenance: $1500 
Kitchen Utensil: $54.21
Fresh Lamb from local farms: $4 lb. $15600
Fresh veggies, cheese, buns, ketchup and mayonnaise. $5000
Chef and cashier: $10/hour for cashier and $14/hour for chef: $59904

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