English 110/Charter

Write about a trip or a book or a movie that had a powerful effect you. Discuss its effects. 2. Write about a class or an instructor that had a powerful effect you. Discuss the effects. 3. Taming the Anger Monster Anne Davidson ff. 253 According to Davidson, what are some of the reasons that we seem to anger more quickly today than we have in the past? Do you agree or disagree with her assessment? Explain. Davidson also tells us that often getting mad is not cathartic but rather has some negative effects. What are some of these effects?
Write about any personal experiences you have had with the Anger Monster—either the positive effects of controlling your anger or the negative effects of losing your temper. Journal Topics 1-3 are due Tuesday, June 12 4. Is Sex All That Matters? Joyce Garity ff. 733 Garity accuses the advertising, film, TV, music and fashion industries of contributing to our sex-saturated society by parading “sexuality at every turn. ” She focuses on potential dangers to young women. What are some of these dangers? In what similar ways are boys and men affected by “sexuality at every turn? ” In what ways are males affected differently?
Think of some commercials or magazine ads that “use sex” to see products. Compare and contrast ads that target women with ads that target men. Can you think of any ads that target both men and women? If so, what do you think the appeal is to women? to men? 5. Born to Be Different Camille Lewis ff. 274 Lewis points out that one of the key differences between men and women is that woman are “empathizers” and men are “systemizers. ” What does she mean by this? What are some of the examples that she uses? Write about examples from your own experiences. 6. Sex, Lies, and Conversation Deborah Tannen (handout)

Most divorced women cite poor communication as a major contributor to their divorces; few men even mention it as a factor. Tannen says this discrepancy in perception takes root in childhood and reflects the different roles played by verbal communication in men’s and women’s lives. What are some of the examples of this that Tannen presents in her article? Can you provide examples from your own experiences? Journal Topics 4-6 are due Monday, June 18 7. A Suicide at Twelve: “Why Steve? ” Richard Meyer (handout) What kind of boy was Steve? Be sure to provide details from the text to support the qualities that you name.
Comment on your perceptions of Steve’s parents. Provide examples from the story that suggest that Sue and Charles Dailey were good parents and created a good family environment. In contrast, also provide examples that suggest that Sue and Charles made dramatic mistakes as Steve’s parents. 8. Articles and editorials about the California High School Exit Exam (handout) Based on what you have read and heard, explain why you believe the state of California decided to implement a high school exit exam. Are you in favor of continuing the High School Exit Exam in its current form?
Or do you feel the exam should be greatly modified or done away with completely? Write about your stand on this issue. 9. In Praise of the F Word Mary Sherry ff. 711 Sherry writes, “Young people generally don’t have the maturity to value education in the same way my adult students value it. ” Do you agree or disagree? Support your view with details and observations from your own experience. Do you feel that most of your high school teachers gave you the skills you need and made you aware of the importance of those skills? If not, what should your school have done that it did not do? Journal Topics 6-9 are due Thursday, June 21

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