english composition lll/reply to classmate


‘Daddy’ a poem by Sylvia Plath the speaker uses metaphors to introduce the evil figure Daddy; and the relationship between her and Daddy. Some of the key images in the poem that aides the audience to understanding the poem is are the symbols of evil describing her father. These images in the poem are show how the father treated the author so vile that she has begun to compare him to “evil” symbols in the world. Later in the poem the speaker introduces a new character, her husband, who has similar characteristics like her father. The pattern in the poem is coherent because the reader sees the two instances that lead to her exacting revenge against her father and husband. I believe that the feelings the author was trying to convey in this poem is feelings of pain, anger and grief. Line 54 of the poem “But no less a devil for that….” is a great example of these emotions. The overall meaning of the poem is that the author hated her father but found a man just like him, so she left them both in her past and now it feels like she is finally free from them both.

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english composition lll/reply to classmate
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