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Think before you ink”. I read the article with an open mind so as not to judge. Clearly you did not have the same sentiment. Within the subtitle you decided to slate tattoos, and a variety of celebrities with them. I was amazed that you said “doesn’t make it classy,attractive or wise” since it was a very strong and unfounded opinion. I was equally appalled by the rude and negative language towards these people, the things that were said about them were extremely offensive.
I don’t think it’s appropriate for the article to contain such a negative attitude especially to these celebrities who have achieved great things. An opinion is one thing, but judgment is another. Firstly when you mention tattoos as ” body graffiti” its like you associate it as unlawful vandalism-let makes the reader feel as though they are performing an illegal or public act of crime when they get a tattoo,whereas they are expressing themselves through a form of art. However, when you mention it as “a form of art” its very hypocritical, contrasting when it isn’t derogatory. Graffiti ” is usually described as vandalism art, which generally is all the same. This is stating that you think that all tattoos and body art are all the same and is a crime. Your opinion is incorrect and shows your lack of knowledge about tattoos. Your extremely sexist towards women. You slate mostly females for example: Amy Whininess, Victoria Beckman, Madonna and Angelina Coli etc. You have criticized each and every one of these females for either their tattoos or their image.
This can be proven in the subtitle when it says “among celebrities such as Angelina Coli and Amy Whininess” These are both females, which is presenting tattoo think its only females that have tacky tattoos and a poor image. Why not include equal amounts of males to females? Why just insult females in which are clearly successful for a reason? It seems like your jealous of their fame, so are trying to downgrade them at your advantage. When you say “beautiful women has been anything but blighted” it seems as though its your attitude of class judgment.

Its an old fashioned attitude, showing how narrow minded you are. The word “blighted” is referring to disease, which is rude,offensive, and a lexical choice. TTS a sexist response, judging women by their looks. let makes women feel insecure and negative about themselves. They can be extremely sensitive and take things personally which can cause many issues and problems with confidence, self esteem and so on . This could of been prevented by your attitude in your article;elf you wouldn’t of been so negative towards females and tattoos many problems wouldn’t be apparent.
You marks a judgment that you think that tattoos are “cheap plumage of the attention seeker” meaning that you think they are tacky, and brightly colored o make them more visible to others and to draw attention to themselves. You also state that people with tattoos are desperate to be noticed on which is shown when it says ” last-chance barflies and aspiring ” as the word “aspiring” is referring to an ambition be another person in which in this case is by having a tattoo. That is totally an incorrect statement, hence not everyone with a tattoo has an incentive or desire to be on TV, and people don’t aspire to aim to be on TV.
Your clearly stereotyping celebrities, making them out to be attention seekers without talent. As many people know the rate of anorexia is increasing and more patients are being diagnosed with different forms of anorexia. There are many comments about Amy Whininess’s’ body which will cause offence among many people but mainly anorexia sufferers. It says ” the ugly marks that covered her emaciated body’. Firstly the comment about her tattoo being “ugly” is very inconsiderate, but the irrelevant and trivial comment was calling her body “emaciated”, since its stating she looks malnourished and abnormally thin.
People don’t realism how offensive it is to call someone thin ND they think aims only rude to call someone fat. They are both opposites and are very disrespectful to people. Some people have extremely high metabolisms and can’t help being extremely thin, so making them feel ashamed of something they can’t help is wrong. Also on the other hand anorexia is a mental illness which is something that they couldn’t help. Slating someone whom might have this illness is the wrong thing to do and most likely make things worse. Did you take any of the public into consideration? What are they going to think when they read this, and how this may effect hem?
Offending and criticizing Amy Whininess because of her weaknesses and problems is insensitive. Rape is a very sensitive topic, which many people are victims of rape. It is wrong to use rape in the wrong context, as people don’t understand the severity of sexual violence. The reason it’s so wrong is because it causes either flashbacks of rape or brings back memories of rape or people they know who have been raped. No one should ever have to go through rape and when they try to forget about it so they can carry on living life it shouldn’t be brought back up into their minds.
Joking and using rape out of context shows how oblivious you are of the effect rape has on people and how immature your thought can be to be so stupid to use that to describe something you don’t agree with. This can make people anxious about rape- thinking they can be raped by a needle which clearly isn’t the case, and that the action taken to get a tattoo is life changing and very violent. Using violent vocabulary to scare people to not getting tattoos isn’t the right way to approach it and will only annoy people.
You try to joke about tattoos being on “hyperactive five-year old” which have men “let loose with a rainbow pack of sharpies”. This is quite a stupid and immature thing to say. The fact you would associate tattoos being like “hyperactive five year old” as if they have designed and drawn the tattoos shows your dim and negative attitude to them. You don t however, need to assault people with them as if there tattoos are badly drawn and not to a high quality. The fact you bring religion into the subject of tattoos is unnecessary. Some people are extremely sensitive to things about religion so that was an extremely risky thing to bring up.
Comparing tattoos and saying that Victoria Beckman thinks her tattoos are “dead spiritual… Like scented candles and Madonna albums” and incorporating religious sarcasm is insensitive. Why compare scented candles with Madonna’s albums, that just makes you come across as stupid. Furthermore, why compare or relate any of that with tattoos? What right do you have to say Madonna body a “holy war of Hindi Sanskrit, Hebrew Latin and Roman numerals” You can’t mix religions and you can’t associate her tattoo with a mix of different tattoos, without you knowing it by fact.
This is very “old school” in the sense that your picking different religions which go against each other. Why pick these religions? Why not others? Its a fundamental misunderstanding of terrible atrocities in History and belittles these tropic events. This makes you seem discourteous and a condemnatory act. Think this article should be removed from media to stop animosity to people affected by rape, anorexia, insecurities etc. In future I don’t think there should be articles with such strong negative opinions. The effect these articles have on people is huge.
It leaves people with negative attitudes especially those who have suffered with mental health issues and rape. One point I didn’t include was that Tattoos are also used for pigment for breast surgery etc. This can be hurtful to those who have had surgery and a tattoo to correct the issue. This article will end up leaving innocent people feeling bad for having tattoos, and all the other rude and negative remarks. Hope you see the effect of this article in another light. I’m sure many people agree with me and I hope something will change from now on.

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