English…. due today…… 10 hours

this assignment is due today……. must have done in 10 hours…… no late work…..must meet deadline……
English assignment
Narrative Essay Prewriting
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Writing Context:
You have completed this week’s reading and viewing, and you have an introductory understanding of the requirements for the Narrative Essay Rough Draft.
Writing Directions:
Word count is not as important for this initial discussion post as following the instructions is.  This post is designed to assist you in prewriting and organizing your thoughts for your narrative essay.  Number each step and provide your responses directly after each number, labeled as shown below.  Compose an initial post regarding the following prompt:
1.  Identify a conflict from your life to cover in your personal narrative essay.  Be sure that this conflict covers a single incident that lasts a day, two days, or no more than a week.  Be sure to select a topic that is rich in sensory details that you can provide specifically in your essay.  
2.   Be sure that you have chosen a cultural identifier, such as family, faith, race, gender, or education, and an expression, such as fashion, accent, mannerisms, food, or music, to focus on.  Name the identifier and expression. 
3.  Map out how this incident will follow the narrative arc.  Each step in the arc corresponds to a single paragraph, as shown in the attached documents in the Week 4 Overview in Course Content.  Provide a brief summary of each step and label each one as Exposition, Rising Action, Crisis, Falling Action, and Resolution.
4.  Add one to three lines of dialogue to the third step: crisis.  Remember that this will be housed in paragraph three of five when you draft your essay.
5.  State your thesis statement, formatted as shown in the course materials.

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English…. due today…… 10 hours
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