english essay

1. write a 1200 words, 12-point font, double-spaced, standard margins essay about George Saunders: Pastoralia story  (not the title of the book).
2.In the first paragraph describe a summary of the story and then create a thesis about what the author’s purpose of writing the story is. What does he seems to be trying to tell us about the human condition. Focus on only author’s purpose for writing the story.
Then write other paragraphs about the literary & rhetorical devices used by the author to help construct and communicate his purpose of writing this and how he tries to proof his purpose in the story. Use direct quotation and examples from the story to support the thesis.
3.In other words, you’ll discuss the author’s use of various literary or narrative techniques in communicating a specific idea to the reader. Be sure to present the text clearly and accurately, and to support your claims with specific details.
4. In a very short conclusion, wrap up the ideas
2.For your first essay, you’ll provide a close reading. Once you’ve chosen a story, your job is to present a clear, insightful argument about what it means (i.e., its message) and how it works. 
Criteria: Your essay should – 
· Provide a clear, accurate summary of the story’s content (i.e., its narrative elements)
· Offer an insightful thesis about the story’s message (i.e., your interpretation)
· Support that thesis with specific details (quotations & paraphrases) 
· Consist of well-organized paragraphs, each with a clear central idea
· Include an effective title, introduction, and conclusion
· Be largely free of major grammatical and usage errors

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