English Essay (8-10 pages)

 Length: 8-10 pages double spaced, plus works cited (not counted in page requirements) 

Research: (The topic is “Gender Gap in Computer Engineering”)
You need to have enough research that you have given sufficient evidence of the conclusions you reach. I also need to be convinced that you have really delved into the subject. If you are unsure of your research, ask me or our librarian, Teagan ([email protected]). For this essay, you need to use at least eight sources of research. That may not be enough for your argument, but it is the minimum requirement. You should already have eight potential sources from the weeks of discussion. Remember that your eight sources should be a variety of perspectives, scholarly and otherwise. I rely on your own common sense to dictate the balance of perspectives. Some of your research may actually be representative of your opposition so you can reach them as well.

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English Essay (8-10 pages)
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Because the paper is a culmination of our classroom research, I am looking for evidence of your individual growth as a writer. In addition to the personalized criteria, I also evaluate your essay based on these areas, listed in order of priority (see rubric for more detail).
*Insightful and interesting ideas
*Unique perspective on the topic
*Clear thesis
*Evidence that you understand your audience
*Sufficient research to convince both me and your audience of your authority
*Applicable research
*Integrated research
*Smooth transitions from idea to idea
*Evidence of your interest in the topic
*Proper MLA documentation (or an alternate style, with my permission)
*Polished and edited writing

I attached the grading rubric. Everything in the grading rubric should be done please.

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