English Writing

Part 1: Two Introductions
For   essay, write 2 potential introductions using two different  strategies to grab the reader’s interest.  Intro should be complete and include a non-argumentative thesis  statement (both intros can share the same thesis, they just need a  different hook to start).  
Possible strategies to hook the audience can be found below:
-Use a interesting quotation, possibly well-known.
-Tell a story
-Open with a question
-Open with an interesting or enlightening fact/statistic.  
-Open by painting a scene, perhaps of a time period.
-Funnel from a broader idea into the main focus of the essay.
-Define a relevant term.
-Open by jumping into the main point
Part 2: Interview the audience
To help gauge the possible audience for your essay, interview three people  with the questions below relating to your topic, then copy down the  answers (the answers can be paraphrased).  Also include some  information about the person you’re interviewing to show who they are.   Age, gender, profession/major, where they’re from, and other relevant  info.  You may use up to two interviews that were done in class on  Friday.  At least one should be done outside of class.
1) How interested are you in my topic?
2) How much do you know about my topic?
3) What would you be interested in learning about the topic?
(you may include more questions if you would like to)

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