Environmental ethics assignment 7

Assignment 7: Deep Ecology
This is the most “radical” environmental ethic. Remember, I would like you to try to determine where you stand with regard to the different environmental ethics. Also, when you do these assignments, you are also working on the first paper for the course.
Readings: Find these in the Table of Contents under Chapter 6.
(A) Arne Naess: “The Shallow and the Deep, Long-Range Ecological Movement
(B) Arne Naess: “Ecosophy T: Deep Versus Shallow Ecology”
(C) Bill Devall and George Sessions: “Deep Ecology”
_Textbook: Louis Pojman and Paul Pojman, Environmental Ethics: Readings in Theory and Application. Seventh Edition. Cengage Learning.___________________________________________
Do the following question for:
(A) Arne Naess: “The Shallow and the Deep, Long-Range Ecological Movement”
Question 1: First, list the seven principles of deep ecology. Please number them. Second, pick at least 3 of the 7 principles of the deep ecology movement, explain them, and respond to them. Are they any good? If so, why? If not, why not? You must defend your views.
Answer 1:
Answer questions for:
(B) Arne Naess: “Ecosophy T: Deep Versus Shallow Ecology”
Question 2: Please list the ecosophical topics that are listed under the section heading “Selected Ecosophical Topics.” These are supposed to be Naess’ topics that make his version of deep ecology, which he calls “Ecosophy T.”
Answer 2:_______________________________________________
Question 3: After reading Naess ideas about his Ecosophy T, what does he mean by self-realization and the growth of identification? Why are these important? Explain.
Answer 3:
Question 4: What do you think of Naess’ Ecosophy T? Which of his ideas are good? Why do you agree or disagree with them?
Answer: 4
Do the following question for:
(B) Bill Devall and George Sessions: “Deep Ecology”
Question 5: See the basic principles of deep ecology in section III. Read the comments on them too. Pick 4 to respond to. Number them. Explain them and evaluate them. Do you agree with them or not? Why or why not? Defend your views with reasons.
Answer 5:_____________________________________________
Question 6: What is your overall assessment of Deep Ecology? Do you agree with it or not? Why or why not? What is good or bad about it? Defend your answers with good arguments.
Answer 6:
Please submit all questions with answers thank you.

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