aEssay Assignment # 2: Definition 

In 250- 300 words, write an essay that defines a good neighbor. Following the example of the student essays in this chapter, write an introduction, a thesis, supporting points, and a conclusion 

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Remember that the thesis of the essay is a version of “What a good neighbor means to me.” The thesis explains what your experience has made you think the term actually means

As you plan your supporting paragraphs, think of different parts or qualities of your term. Here, for example, are the three-part divisions of the student essays in the chapter:

Football fans are crazy in terms of their behavior, their fascination with the past, and their loyalty. 

Students zombies are the living dead, are controlled by a “mysterious force,” and are likely to suffer an awful fate. 

Support each point with either a series of details/ examples or a single extended example. To generate these details, ask yourself questions: What could I do, or what I have done, that would be an example of …………. ? Write down quickly whatever answer occur to you at the prewriting stage. 

You may find outlining to be the most helpful prewriting strategy for your definition essay. As a guide, write your thesis and three supporting points in the spaces below.

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