Essay 2 Assignment

POPC 2900: Television as Popular Culture Research Essay Assignment #2
For the second research essay assignment in POPC 2900 of this semester, students have the opportunity to choose any topic related to Television history and culture that is of interest to them. Students may choose, for example, to write a biographical and analysis paper of a performer, journalist, executive, inventor, innovator, or other person who has made a significant contribution to TV history. Other possible topics may be examinations of particular genres, such as sitcoms, soap operas, game shows, animation, or news programming. Additional topics may be more specific such as taking an in-depth look at particular issues like race, violence, sexuality, feminism, or class. You may want to compare programs within a genre to note how an issue has been addressed over the decades. The main requirement in choosing a topic is that each student picks a subject (and develops a strong thesis) that is of particular interest to them. Students are more inclined to write thoughtful, well-reasoned and comprehensively analyzed essays when they can work on a topic that is close to their own interests. 
Students are strongly encouraged to make use of the materials available at the Browne Popular Culture Library on our campus. Internet-based resources, such as Wikipedia, Google News, IMDB, and others are highly discouraged. You will need to consult primary and secondary textual sources as the foundation of your research. Each essay must include a strong thesis statement defining your objective, theme, and what you intend to prove. Whatever your topic, be sure to consult what critics and scholars of the subject have had to say in their commentary and writings. Be sure to cite them within the main body of your paper using either the MLA or APA style formats. Your essay will be much stronger if you can support your claims, ideas, and opinions upon previous scholarship. Each student’s essay topic must be posted online at our class canvas site. Students have the opportunity to submit a completed rough draft prior to the due date so that the Instructor can review their progress. 
Essay Requirements:
1. The essay must be approximately 7-8 full pages in length (typed double spacing using no larger than 12-point font).
2. Each essay must include an original title and a works cited page.
3. A minimum of four sources are required in your research materials. Only 2 of these sources can be internet-originated.
4. Each essay must employ the APA or MLA style formats in citation.
1/ i uploaded a file that have some topics you can choose from.
2/ do not write about  Sherwood Charles Schwartz  

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