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Francis Dale O. Ambrocio WFR-5 Reaction Paper for ACLE Every semester, the University Student Council(USC) holds one of their priority programs which is the Alternative Classroom Learning Experience. It is popularly known as “ACLE” in the UP academe. It often follows a theme that would encourage UP students to be aware of what they can do for the country. The University Student Council’s Education and Research (EdRes) Committee is the one that spearheads the event. Several UP Diliman organizations participate in this event by preparing a topic that would interest students to attend to.
Last January 24, 2013, afternoon classes were suspended by the Chancellor to make way for the ACLE Season 2. The theme for this ACLE was “YOUth Speak! Youth Demands for the 2013 Midterm Election”. Classes prepared by participating organizations were categorized according to eight categories. These categories are the so called demands of the youth for the upcoming elections. This is the first ACLE that I attended in my UP life. The last time it was held, I was not able to attend one because I prefer just staying in my room and rest throughout of the day.
I chose to attend the ACLE prepared by the UP Advertising Core (AdCore) because it is the organization that I am applying for. “Hanggang Saan Aabot Ang (Like, Hashtag, Pirma, Barya) Mo? : An ACLE for Advocacies” was the title of their topic. It aims to inform students on what they can do to support an advocacy through social media and other technological advances today. It was categorized in the Access to Education and Information Category. The event started roughly at around past one in the afternoon.

It was held in Room 309 inside the College of Business Administration I was with my co-applicants eager to learn about the topic. Mister Nate Dy-Liacco was the guest speaker for the afternoon’s affair. He is currently into line of jobs focusing on advertising, marketing and sports. Some of the companies he currently works for are McCann Worldgroup Philippines and GMAnews. TV. He also teaches advertising and marketing at Meridian International College and Ateneo Manila University. In our time of today, promoting advertisements can almost be done everywhere even in the cyberspace through any medium.
It depends on the advertiser’s creativity and imagination. He displayed diagrams of statistics about the events that happens in the internet every minute. He also showed us different videos of advertisements from around the world that promote advocacies such as UNICEF’s fight against hunger, Coke’s advocacy for spreading happiness and many more. The speaker explained to us how we, the youth, can be aware and in what’s happening now and how we can join in an advocacy with the use of the internet.
A simple like or share is powerful enough that is why as good netizens should properly weigh which advocacies to support. We should not take for granted a single like or vote because terrible things might occur because of our negligence. I really find the talk very entertaining and informative. It is not just the typical talk where the speaker talks and the viewers listen until they doze off. The advertisements that he showed us keeps me interested throughout the program and made me eager to see and learn more about it.
I realized that I can help promote goodness for the world with just the use of my social networking account. When all the social network users unite for an advocacy program, it will surely be heard across the globe. Social networking, the thing that I thought that was just a way in keeping in touch with others and killing boredom became an innovative application to promote for a better world. Attending this ACLE exposed me into different sides of a simple advertisement. It also made me realize that there is so much more to learn than the subjects being offered in the university.
I already see myself attending next semester’s ACLE eager to learn more about anything under the sun. Time Started: Febuary 5, 2013 7:30AM Time Ended: Febuary 5, 2013 9:00AM Time Started: Febuary 5, 2013 6:30PM Time Ended: Febuary 5, 2013 7:40PM Bibliography: Nate Dy-Liacco. Retrieved from http://ph. linkedin. com/pub/nate-dy-liacco/8/547/692 List of ACLE Topics sorted by Organization. Retrieved from http://acres. uplug. org/index. php/classes About, Retrived from http://www. facebook. com/USCdilimanACLE/info

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