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As it goes “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus,” obviously there is a big difference between males and females when it comes to social interaction. There are gender differences in communication styles. Men and women don’t understand each other for the most part, which leads to misunderstandings and conflict. Arguments occur between a man and a woman or husband and wife because of different communication styles.

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ESSAY QUESTION 1 PAGE : Essay Fountain
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When the wife or girl asks the husband or the boy to do something or not to do something, the husband or boy may hear that in a different light. For example, the wife can say ‘the trash needs to be taken out’. This means that the wife wants the husband to take out the trash. What do you think that the husband will interpret it? 

You are required to incorporate the scenario or use others and write an essay on (1) conflicting gender roles of the family and (2) the effects of society either in different cultural context or racial background, and (3) the concepts or theories used to explain the interrelationships between males and females 

Essay Grading Criteria

You will receive a maximum of 8 points if you do the following:

  • In order to receive full points, you can use the following grading rubric.
  • Submit your assignment and write a minimum of 400 words without typos and spelling errors and with Standard English grammar 
  • Address all 3 elements required in the essay and apply concepts and theories from assigned readings. 
  • Cite at least 4 current references in reference page in APA format


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