Essay Summary of Personal Statement

I had often heard my teachers at school saying that an ambition with focused efforts eventually leads to success. These motivational words provided me encouragement and will to plan my goals, and work diligently to achieve them. Since my long-term career goal has been to acquire the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical work experience for leading a professionally managed Fortune 500 company, I can assert that I am on the right path of professional advancement. Achievements at School and Management Lessons from Work in Singapore

I have been fortunate to receive excellent education at school and college from topnotch institution in Singapore. I completed my schooling from St. Francis Methodist School in Singapore with outstanding grades under the Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education (Ordinary Level) Examination. I was always punctual and regular in submitting my assignments. Owing to my noteworthy performance, I was honored with “Academic Excellent Award. ” Besides, I participated in extra-curricular activities like sports, and won inter-school competitions on behalf of my school.

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Essay Summary of Personal Statement
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My punctuality, politeness, awards in inter-school competitions and excellent academic results fetched me the title of “Student Ambassador. ” My achievements at school bolstered my confidence to study Business Administration from a reputed North American university. Since most of the reputed universities require a minimum of five years of work experience as a criterion for admission, I decided to work in Singapore as “Assistant Stage Manager,” and in the meantime, I started applying for admission to various colleges in Canada with reasonable tuition costs.
During my tenure as “Assistant Stage Manager,” I improved my organizational and time management skills. I realized that self-discipline is important in life, and to imbibe this vital trait, I practiced very hard, and with my sheer perseverance, I gradually learnt to balance my personal and professional life. I was entrusted with responsibility, where my duties included interaction with business clients, stage artists, and reporting to the higher management of the company.
I was sincere in my work, and I exceeded the expectations of my boss. I realized that my practical management lessons had already started here, and I was developing my communication skills as well. However, I felt that I needed more theoretical knowledge in management, which would provide a strong foundation for my long-term professional goal. Upgrading Management Skills in Canada Fortune favored me when I got acceptance for a High School Diploma from Bronte College of Canada in Mississauga, Ontario.
I was delighted, and soon enrolled in the academic program. Since I had to pay the tuition fees for the program, I worked as a “Barista” in the Starbucks Coffee Company. Besides earning money to pay my tuition costs and other living expenses, I was also getting an exposure to the North American society. My direct interaction with the customers helped me to enhance my interpersonal skills, and moreover, I was quickly learning about the art of coffee making.
Before joining Starbucks, I had never enjoyed cooking in my life, but while working as a “Barista,” my culinary passion developed strongly, and I found myself cooking exotic food at my home not only for myself but also for my friends. However, an entrepreneur spirit within me motivated me to start my small business, and now, I own a company called Western Cooper and Metal. I have experienced that life is proper management of time and job priorities, whose theory needs to be applied in practice, and I can say with confidence that I have been able to do it successfully.
Advanced Management Course at Liberty University, Virginia As a self-employed professional, I have been trying to use my work experience, and learn from the available online educational sources to enhance my management skills. Since my work took most of the time, I had enrolled in an online management program called the “Associate of Arts in Business,” which is run by the Liberty University in Virginia. After successful completion of the program, I have studied the foundation level courses in accounting, business administration, computing, law, statistics, etc.
Now, I am prepared to pursue the Bachelor of Business Administration program from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Admission to the BBA Program from University of Massachusetts at Amherst I have been slowly and steadily working towards the attainment of my long-term goal of leading a Fortune 500 company. Good managers need good theoretical knowledge, which can be learnt only from reputed schools of management.
After doing a good research of the management schools, I am applying for admission to the part-time BBA program from the Isenberg School of Management in the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. I have the necessary educational background and relevant work experience, which shall enable me to pursue the management program. I have an excellent command over English language, and I can read, write and speak in English without any difficulty. I have already studied from two premier educational institutions in Canada and the U.
S. A. I am adept at using Microsoft Office and Internet, while my programming skills in Java are also excellent. Since my admission shall influence the attainment of my long-term professional goal, I request the admissions committee to kindly consider my application based on my outstanding educational qualifications and work experience. It shall be an honor for me to learn from distinguished professors at the Isenberg School of Management in the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

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