Essay With Textbook Citations

Essay With Textbook Citations
This week, we will begin using formal citations from the textbook. Since we read three chapters this week, your essay must cite page numbers from all three chapters using proper in-line citation and an accurate References page entry in APA format. Write a 700-word essay answering the following question:
“We read about the Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment, the French and American Revolutions, and the Agricultural and Industrial Revolutions. How are the revolutions from these chapters inter-related?”
The best answers will construct a plainly-stated thesis about how these relationships are connected before elaborating in thematic paragraphs that use proper citation. Finally, draw all of your observations together in the conclusion paragraph. Remember to double-check for grammar and spelling at the end!

chapters 21, 22, and 23 from your textbook
Hansen, V., & Curtis, K. R. (2016). Voyages in world history, brief edition, 2nd ed. Volume 2: since 1500. Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.
ISBN: 9781305088825

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Essay With Textbook Citations
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