Example of a Marketing Research Question

”The freer the market, the freer the people.” Do you agree or disagree?
A free market implies minimal state interference, so prices are determined by demand. It has both advantages and disadvantages. Product quality is a key factor in competitiveness, and manufacturers have to innovate for adapting to customers’ preferences. The free market makes the shortage of goods impossible because demand creates supply.
On the contrary, this type of trade is exposed to economic downturns and instability. The statement “the freer market, the freer people” is not entirely correct, even though it seems the opposite at first glance. The free market does not provide all able-bodied people with work. Only those whose profession is in demand have a job; therefore unemployment increases, and social responsibility and social support of the population declines.

The term “marketing mix” describes what?
The term marketing mix describes the main marketing tools and strategies used by the company to reach the defined marketing objectives. This term may include the rule of four Ps which refer to pricing, products, promoting, and placing.
What kinds of organizations engage in marketing?
Ever organization and every person engages in marketing. You have to market everything. In other words, all organizations – some do it better than others, and some don’t even realize it’s necessary
Are humans primary or secondary consumers?
Biologically, humans are neither primary consumers nor secondary. We belong to the tertiary type. Primary consumers eat plants only, and secondary ones eat meat. Humans eat both. This type of consuming is also called omnivore.
How does advertising influence people?
How does advertising influence people’s purchases? High-quality marketing aims at spreading information about the product and reaching the customer’s subconscious. Even ads, which you don’t notice, influence your purchases because the brand enroots in people’s minds
Is your account is currently unable to use the community market?
To begin with, look precisely what the error comment tells you. Maybe, there is additional information about the reason for this problem. If it doesn’t include any extra info, you need to dig deeper. Each situation is individual; sometimes the error may be connected to the products which are currently on sale. The best idea is to write to the Steam Support. While waiting for the response from Steam, look at the history of your purchases. Maybe, the problem is connected with the products on sale.
The price elasticities of supply and demand affect?
a. both the size of the deadweight loss from a tax and the tax incidence.
b. the size of the deadweight loss from a tax but not the tax incidence.
c. the tax incidence but not the size of the deadweight loss from a tax.
d. neither the size of the deadweight loss from a tax nor the tax incidence
Answer: Affects both the size of the deadweight loss from a tax and the tax incidence.
If demand is more elastic then tax incidence (burden) of tax will be more on consumers and if supply is more elastic then producers will bear the brunt of the tax
Also more the elasticity of demand and supply, more is the dead weight loss from a tax
What is the opposite of a consumer culture?
Anti-consumerism can be considered as the opposite of consumer culture. This term refers to sociopolitical ideology. Consumerism is related to perpetual purchases and consuming material goods. Anti-consumerism is connected with private actions from various business companies which seek financial targets.

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Example of a Marketing Research Question
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