Existentialism And Modern Analysis

In his writing, Sartre adheres to the famous construct of ” the theory of compromise” , as can be seen in his novel “Nausea”. This ” theory of compromise” theme lends itself to the tenets of post-structuralism. Sartre’s writings bear much truth, rather, they are all excellent and sublime in their characteristic beauty. Jean-Paul is the father of Existentialist philosophy, in the realm of Literary Studies and the Existentialist movement has been extremely popular amongst Marxists for it seems that Sartre’s world view appealed greatly to Marxist sentiments and sensibilities.
Sartre’s passionate tone and empathic writing ( writing that has the quality of being ‘for the masses’)influences one to give the subject of his fervent ruminations and expressions; only the most undivided actualization of esteem, a delegation of importance to Sartre’s writings and simply put- one’s full attention. The French writer Sartre never failed to extol the ideas behind how ‘Existentialist philosophy is real human philosophy’.
Existentialism, in the briefest of lexical salutes, affirms this belief: that people are always in search of something to accomplish in their lives, and even if the most common observation resulting from surveys about the practices of Existentialists; is how they almost never finish what they begin to ‘do’ – observations that posit negativity, focusing on the process of how individuals manage their existence instead of outcomes and products, is an immortal tribute to the quality of human living.

History can only repeat itself, so much so that definable and manifested change is no longer necessary for positive developments to arise in the history of human civilization. One social institution that can be analyzed using the Existentialist paradigm would be the work force involved in public works and highways. These people dig on freeways that they close off at time in order to fix the plumbing system of cities. They also work in the suburbs. We can look into the life of the lead character of Jean Paul Sartre’s “ Nausea”, Antoine Roquentin.
Antoine, as the narrator of “Nausea”, begins his story by saying that “ Tomorrow it will rain in Bouville”. Antoine is a writer who settled in Bouvile ( France) for three years and Mr. Roquentin was conducting historical research on the life of the Marquis de Rollebon. The main concern of the existentialist musings of Antoine was the FACTICITY of life. Facticity, according to Melanie Revienne in “ Existentialist Philosophy and Jean Paul Sartre” is signifies all of the concrete details against the background of which human freedom exists and is limited..
But Antoine is able to gain an epiphany regarding his existence when he thinks to himself, “ People. You must love people. Men are admirable. I want to vomit-and suddenly there is Nausea… Nausea-blinding evidence- I exist- the world exists-I know the world exists. That’s all, it makes no difference Time. ” Roquentin, at some point in his research becomes bored with the character of Marquis de Rollebon, and instead, he becomes obsessed with the idea that he is actually, writing a book.
Antoine is also very preoccupied with the process of regaining the affections and feelings of his former lover Anny, to which she has this to say, “ You can’t begin again. ” In the end, Antoine becomes fixated with the making of records- musical records- “ the song of the Negresse singer- and he decides to cease working on his book and to try his hand at the production of recorded music in vinyl. “ You must be like us, suffer in rhythm.
SPIN ( the city is first to abandon me ) Strains of music above can proudly carry their own death within themselves like an internal necessity, only, they don’t exist. A book! Be above existence, make people ashamed of their existence- beautiful, hard as steel. And I might succeed, in the past, nothing but in the past – in accepting myself. ” Then Antoine, does “begin again” when he ends his story, using the same line, “ Tomorrow it will rain in Bouville. ” The diggers of the city have all of the systematic order and precision that Antoine evoked as the principal of life.
They have the routine boredom of “nausea”. The diggers have all the time in the world to contemplate the past by the very act of using their work instruments in order to take from the surface, the concrete, grit and hollow that was, and to study the pipes of the city. The water pipes have their tales to tell. And they too can “ begin again” when they close one land orifice ( hole) that they have dug, and start with another section. They make beautiful, the otherwise mundane task of working for the public works and highways.

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Existentialism And Modern Analysis
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