Explain Concepts

Explaining Concepts Concepts of Dating According to the article Dating, by Beth L. Bailey. We know dating is a new style of courtship, which was started in the early twentieth. With the emergence of this new style of courtship, the old one was replaced. What I remembered as an example of good explanatory writing is the writer using time order to tell the history of old courtship and when the new system of dating was emerging.
And the readers probably are young people they don’t know how the old courtship worked, then the authors cited many resources for comparing and contrast how women lead the old style courtship and after the dating system was created, men have more initiative in the dating. By describing the changing of American courtship to explanatory the concept of dating.
One example of effective explanatory part I remember is the “feminine” power, young women and young men cannot stay alone in public, and one older woman called chaperonage would create a balance of power and control the old dating system and the chaperonage could indicate to the man that his attention were unwelcome. Probably like the movie Titanic every time Rose and her fiance Cal have dinner together her mom always seat between them, and them never stay alone.

Courtship took place within the girl’s home- in women “sphere” or at entertainments largely devised and presided over by women. After the mid-1910 on dating, young couples would go to theater, dance or restaurant has more freedom and possibility. After the dating system was created, men have more power in the courtship, not simply because dating took place in the public sphere, but because dating moved courtship into the world of the economy. Money– men’s money—was the center of the dating. Different classes men may choose the different sphere for date.
Movie Titanic still is a good example, Rose and her fiance were living in first class, her fiance gave Rose a diamond necklace— The Heart of Ocean, this is how rich people dating. When Rose and Jack backed to the steerage, they had drunk beer and dance with other people. This part shows how worker-class dating. In the new dating system men can decide where they can date based on their income. In this article, the author using more cited from the newspapers and magazines to support his describe the dating system improve and the history of courtship tell readers the concept of dating.

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