Extra Sensory Perception

“Factually substantiated reports abound confirming clairvoyant dreams that have led to the discovery of a discovery of missing child, the location of a lost object of value, or the recovery of a corpse. (Stinger 68) Frederic W. H. Myers was a philosopher who founded the Society for Psychical Research SPUR). The SPUR molded the Thought-Transference Committee to form experiments of those who believed they had ESP.. Reverend Creepy explained that he believed to the Thought -Transference Committee that all four of his daughters had the telepathy ability. Each of his daughters could read people’s minds and playing cards that were taken randomly out of the deck. While they were being tested on their ability, the daughters had 382 tests to correctly identify the card number and the suit.
Out Of all Of those times the girls acknowledged 202 of the cards correctly. There was one incident when en of the daughters mentioned 1 7 cards in a row correctly- suits and everything. “On several occasions individual Creepy sisters were able to correctly name five cards in a row. Barrett said the odds of this happening by chance were “over 142 million to one. ” (Killeen 20) The SPUR members went also went into more of the spontaneous telepathy. Dry. Joseph B. Rhine has many studies involving extra sensory perception at Duke University..
Rhine thought that a traditional fifty two pack of cards would be more difficult for card guessers since you would have to determine the color ( red or black) , he number and the suit (spade, club, heart or diamond). The experiments specially created cards known as Keener cards which were originated from a psychologist known as Karl E. Keener who Rhine consulted his issue to. These cards were composed of twenty five cards with every card having a symbol The symbols on the Keener cards included a cross, a star, wavy lines, a square and a circle.

Rhine believed that the cards were very useful for example of the Celery sisters who believed they had extra sensory perception due to the many cards that were correctly given. With the Keener card method the odds hat the subject answers correctly by chance is only twenty percent since it’s a one in five chance of getting the symbol correct. Rhine continued to test hundreds of experiments with these Keener cards with student volunteers so their results varied. But one student caught his attention and was much different than the rest of the students.

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